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PHAT CYCLES began with chopper-style bicycles.  Over time it expanded to include Beach Cruisers, and more.  As it expanded, the branding evolved from street to beach and began to focus on a more feminine aesthetic… while maintaining its roots with motorcycle attitude (such a delicate balance!)  The catalogs were designated mostly for bike shop owners and employees, to hand out as needed, to keep them familiar with the line each year... and to be happy to flip though the pages ; )

Each catalog was broken down into 4 categories and each category was assigned a colour-key: 

● Designer (feminine / blue)   ● Modified (masculine / red)  

● Phundamental (basics / yellow + happy hues)   ● Phattitude (original style / silver)

These guidelines were maintained each year for consistency and easy reference by the bike shops.  Each category opened with a two-page spread; a full page lifestyle shot on the right, and a coordinating mini image on the left (as can be seen on the catalog backs above).  Decal artwork from within the category was placed as a graphic above the intro text.

As the result of this arrangement, the Lifestyle shots were colour-keyed to the category they represented.  So you will notice strong emphasis on each of the colours listed above.  You can pretty much guess which category a photo is for, based on the main colours in image.  This was by design… and took a lot of coordination!  (I always had my eye out for colour appropriate locations.)

This is more apparent when viewing a catalog…

The Lifestyle images were all shot "guerrilla style" on location with the constant risk of getting the boot.  Luckily, that rarely happened.  We were as low-key as possible (with all of our equipment... challenging!)  The one major failure worked out okay - due to preplanning luck (see example at PHOTOSHOP link above).  I liked to utilize real life friends, family and couples whenever possible... as it lent an air of authenticity.  Everyone had a great time and it truly was fun in the sun - even if it was hard work at the same time!